Wireless video

   Wireless image transmission is the transmission of wireless images. The application system of wireless graph transmission includes analog transmission, data transmission/network radio, GSM/GPRS, CDMA, 4G, digital microwave (mostly spread spectrum microwave), WLAN (wireless network), COFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing), etc. At present, wireless image transmission has not yet formed a typical industrial development model, the realization of technical methods are also diverse.

   The 5.8g wireless picture transmission power chip provided by the company refers to the FM video transceive in ISM frequency band of 5.8ghz (5645-5945mhz), which is widely used in various fields to achieve wireless communication, such as uav aerial photography, film and television wireless video transmission, wireless recording and broadcasting video transmission. The special 5.8g power amplifier chip developed by the company has excellent performance of high gain, wide band, high stability and high reliability. In addition, the 5.8g WIFI chip applied in 11AC by the company can also realize the corresponding graph transmission function.
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